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Use the marble polishing powder yourself for maximum shine

Use the marble polishing powder yourself for maximum shine.

marble polishing powder

Marble tile is one of the most attractive options of flooring for different rooms. It is an indicator of luxury and elegance. The natural stone floor is durable and strong and isn’t and is not particularly picky about cleaning. A marble tile, being one of the most effective and prestigious materials, creates unique ornaments on a floor thanks to the patterns applied to it by nature. Hence, using a marble polishing powder and pads to enhance its beauty can prove helpful.

Bonastre System offers the ultimate products for floor polishing and cleaning. The novamarmol powder and Bonastre Pads can be used on marble floors for shiny and irresistible results.

Right products for floor polishing can change the game:

marble polishing

The Novamarmol crystallizer powder without wax or polymers: Novamarmol powder crystallizes all the stones, and calcareous marbles, hardening the surface obtaining a very crystal clear, resistant, nonslip, and easily washable shine. Novamarmol powder cleans, brightens, and revives the colors of marble. You will achieve a high shine, in addition to strengthening the surface giving it long durability obtaining a very durable and resistant to wear. The novamarmol powder is applied using neutral supports, such as white, red, or natural fiber disc that prevents the marble from yellowing because steel wool is not used.

The marble crystallization powder when mixed with water changes the chemical composition of the floor. This altered composition is a layer of crystallization that adds shine to the floor.

As the marble floors are prone to get scratched more easily as compared to the granite ones, they need a regular grinding and honing session. This grinding and honing procedure can reduce the thickness of the floor. That’s why the process of crystallization is essential. The marble polishing powder adds a layer of shine to the said floor.

The next time, the marble floor needs honing or grinding, the topmost layer of the floor gets the blow. That why, the crystallized layer gets honed or grinded away. This also enables the virgin layer of the floor to not be affected.

All one has to do is, add a crystallized layer and hone it with the Bonastre pads for maintenance when needed. This way, the marble floor retains the shine, and the density of the same stays more or less the same.

Try to use the Bonastre Pads for Grinding, Honing, and Polishing first, and then use the marble polishing powder for best results. Densifying and adding a layer of shine will improve the marble floor’s life and also make them non-slippery for good use. Use the right products and see the difference yourself.

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